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27 June, 1916 Tuesday

Air Fight

An hostile plane came over again early this morning & visited us, then on to Duiedar, then to Hill 40 & 70, meanwhile one of our own battle planes had time to get up & was waiting for it right above us, the enemy was unaware of him until he swooped right down on him & opened up with his machine gun, meanwhile the deutcher was off for his life, our chap gave chase & rattled the lead into him, the deutcher was twisting, turning, banking, etc & later he was seen to wobble & finally he landed about Bir-el-Abd, our own also had to come down for Fritz planted a shot in his petrol tank.

28 June, 1916 Wednesday

99 wks from civil life nothing doing this morning only they say it was our own gunners that brought our plane down & wouldn't be in the least surprised, his juice tank was riddled.

Mr Smith sent us word that he would be back tomorrow leaving Cairo at 1800 tonight. I wont be sorry to see him for there's several things he can right in the troops.

Two more horses sent to Vet lines, one with lamanitirs & the other with a bad back.

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