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January 25, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as per usual

This turned out to be the most unpleasant day that we have had for many a week, dust & rain everywhere, tents coming down everywhere, the CO went to town & met Alec so he told me when he came home. Dobbyns came back also, the Triumph hasn't been touched as yet, nor is the lead sticks completed, we tried to go out in the afternoon got half way out when down came the rain drenching everyone, the two extremes in the one day, on Friday we go out to the 3rd Regt if all goes well, my mare is lame again, sand is too heavy for her off hind leg, massage is the only thing that seems to do any good.

Signalling at night after tea which by the way we are getting a little too much of.

Bed at 10 pm

January 26, 1916 Wednesday

76 Wks of soldiering

Revielle at 6.30 jolly cold too.

Exercising first thing I took out mine but she is very lame, several races came off, Chas winning his event. After tea dinner more exercising. Hal & I went over to see BD HQ's as to what this camel corps business is going to be & decided to give it a fly, but first intend to consult Alec & see what he says, pay came along at last but only a measlesy pound what we are going to do with that I don't know.

Reports came to hand that 4500 arabs had been accounted for at Mathra where Jack Wills was before he joined up again, the armoured motor cars gave them hell shooting must have been splendid for 85% of the number was killed & wounded the rest being prisoners.

More camp work but I found another job to go to.

Bed 9.30

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