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January 7, 1916 Friday

Evacuation of Helles

Revielle at 6.30

All the men went out for a mounted parade again this morning, the horses are exceptionally fit. The news came through the the complete evacuation of Gallipoli was effected with huge success, they got off as well as we only losing 4 old guns & 2 casualties the French got off as well, assisted by their Navy we were able to get all our mule transport away also, so that alone speaks volumes. Things up Salonica way are not too bright at the present but should take a different light when more of our troops make their appearance. Went down the street after tea & Gilberg came with, we ragged all the restaurants to some tune until kicked out by the Picquets, got home in time to see a brawl in the second regt which finished up in our mess-room. Bed at 11 pm.

January 8, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual.

As I have to go to the Barrage today along with the C.O. I cleaned & tuned the scrap for the spin, set out at 9.10 with a full tank & spare petrol in the back after doing several little jobs in Cairo we finally got on the road proper at 11.10, the run out to Rodel el-far was cut out in good time, but after that on account of the previous days rain the roads were greasy & sideslips were numerous but we managed to stick on, at Binha 17 miles out the C.O. hit a post which got in his road, off again after a few minutes halt we eventually got to Calint 2 miles further on where he hit a big fat nig, we arrived at Burra at 12.7 had dinner & set out for home at 3.30 after roaming the gardens & seeing the glorious grounds, the C.O. only upset the donkey carrying a huge load of bursirn got home at 5.10 after spending a most enjoyable day.

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