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February 22, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

My day off so I took my engine down, found one of the piston ring broken & heairly carboned, set things to rights & ground the valves in. Another plane arrived this morning but left again before lunch, three are due today one of them for scouting purposes only, a [indeciperhable] Sopwith. Two aviators were killed at Heliopolis yesterday, they got in an airpocket & before they could right themselves they were down & out, both killed. Things have been very quiet lately over the canals nothing doing at all, Capt Chisholm learnt to ride a scrap today & got on well.

February 23, 1916 Wednesday

80 wks from home

Revielle just as early

Warned for a trip to Fashn so filled up before breakfast & caught the 10.30 down to Fashn, had a fairly decent trip only hit a couple of dogs & kids, but on the trip back whilst sailing along at about 40 my belt came off & so did I but fortunately I lobbed in brusein nothing broken, it seems that we can't knock these machines about, they are standing up to it great although its not the model they turned out previously to the war; caught the train home at 7 & was greeted with an armful of telegrams to go up to the station, fixed these up & then had time to think of turning in, it was now about 11.30 & tired out.

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