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23 June, 1916 Friday

Troops were thrown out again in the direction of El-Hisha & El-Haminaln & plane arrived to locate objective it is concealed by a hod & after searching all the afternoon the first Regt found it. Pard Mastard and I was told off to dismantle the engine but it being too dark we had to leave it till the morning, we returned to Bir-el-Abd & stayed there an hour or two then returned to the Babas & turned in thoroughly done being without water in the desert for 14 hours & horses longer, they wouldn't look at the stuff at the Hod.

24 June, 1916 Saturday

Slept the sleep of the dead & got up at six, fixed up the horses & messed about all day leaving for Romani at 4 in the afternoon my horse was settled from the jump but luckily for me held out. The pace was painfully slow for so many men & horses were blown out reached Oghratina early in the evening & sat tight for 2 hours then saddled up & came right through the Bile as usual losing themselves & landing out Mahamedere way & expecting Tommys to open on us at any minute, got into HQ's at 9 at night to find a good stiff meal awaiting us, turned in straight away.

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