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March 29, 1916 Wednesday

Revielle at 5.

Men & horses went out to the Signal Station on the end of the hills this morning, out there catacombs abound everywhere & in them are hundreds of mummies all sorts sizes & shapes, some of the boys ranged them up in tiers & took several photos of same.

Chas & I went for our usual ride & met a nigger half way on the way back, upsetting his equilibrium but beyond severally knocking his mount about nothing else mattered, the niggers are still on the cheeky side & nearly every day we are coming to grips with them especially the kids, who are using the whip too freely for my liking.

Mail expected tomorrow so am looking forward to it, turned in at 9.30 tired out.

March 30, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 5.15

The C.O. & Pard came home by the 4.30 train. Pard rode in the Boss walked, both bikes OK no spills. Maj McColl has secured the Sg. Teddy has the e Troop & a Lance Jack of the 2nd Sig Tp is to command this unit so we are in for an uproarious time.

Today has been again very warm it registering 121° in the shade & two months yet to go to Summer so we are likely to be greasespots before long.

Mail has arrived at last & I only got two letters from home, nothing in them whatsoever, they acknowledged receipt of certain parcels but not a hint as to what they contained.

Today was a beaut it being 121° in the shade & the poor old mokes are feeling it frightfully.

Turned in at 9.30.

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