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February 16, 1916 Wednesday

79 wks of soldiering

Stables at 6.30

Off again to Bahnasa at 10.30, this time rode down in train returning by road & I brought a skull home for Pard, strapped it on to the back & it (Hector) carried OK. The plane reported that the Senoussi had left the Oasis about 1000 strong & were coming this way, they dropped a few bombs on them but owing to the sand they were not too effective.Second Regt got orders to move out to Nazlet-el-abid, about 40 miles S of Minia, we moved about 100 yds towards the centre of the camp. Two train loads of niggers (prisoners) went through today on their way to a concentration camp in Cairo. More mail arrived & another one from Nell & Mother.

Bed at 10.

February 17, 1916 Thursday

Stables as usual

Len got kicked pretty badly last night & consequently is again lame I got orders to go to Fashn 70 miles N from here I went by train & arrived there at 12.30 then had to ride 10 miles through cultivation cross a large canal & finally found the camp of B Sqdn 1st LH in the village there, delivered
my dispatches, had a bonza lunch at the Beys expense & set out for home at 2.5, got to Fashn at 2.30, inspected a cotton mill then left for home at 3, arrived at Beni Mazar at 4.30, filled up, came on to Samalut at 5.25 & finally made Minia at 6.15, taking three hours 15 minutes for the 70 miles, not bad considering the roads turned in at 7.30 tired out.

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