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19 July, 1916 Wednesday

Turks in force at Oghratina

101 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual.

Nothing unusual up to 1500 but when the daily reconnitring plane came in it changed the aspect very much for it reported Turks everywhere at Bir-el-Abd 3000 Oghratina 2000 Bayud 1000 & many more fleeing over the country round about, the camp immediately stood to arms & the 2nd Bde moved out to Qatia at 1800 the Turks massed between Oghratina & Debabas & started to advance on Qatia, our chaps gave battle to them & stopped their advance the Bde stayed in touch with them all night we are to go out tomorrow & great is the glee to know that once again we are in touch.

No sleep tonight.

20 July, 1916 Thursday

Engage the enemy

2nd Bde kept in touch with them all day & firing at times was pretty heavy & regular 10 of our planes were busy all day reporting regular & filling in there time by driving off the enemy's ,several good go's were witnessed & all of his planes were driven off. 5 Turks came in today thoroughly done, they marched from El-Arish yesterday with practically no water so already they are in a bad way, rations are scarce as well as water, 5 German officers are attached to each battalion as well as 4 machine guns. The battalion consist of about 800 men they say this is only an advance party the main body coming further S. let em all come.

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