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9 June, 1916 Friday

Rolled out at 8.30

Quite a change from our usual revielle & at nine thirty went up to the Signal Office to report to the Maj, the office is a beaut, employing about 20 operators working Wheatstone, duplex, simplex & vibrater, its run on the lines of a Post Office, the only difference is that the fellows are in uniform. The procedure is exceptionally good & many a good point is to be seen especially with their counter work, they keep a graph as to the days traffic, also pole diagrams & communication plans galore instead of dealing in dockets they have slips & when receipted they paste them on the back of the original. separate registers are used for all forms. Met Achi Yep during the afternoon.

Bed 9

10 June, 1916 Saturday

Up at 8.30

He is keeping a restaurant now he left the army in January.

I was on the Telephone exchange all day & am now an experience operator. Gen Mainfoldcame along today & asked how I was getting along. Great news from the Russians, they have now no [indecipherable] in full retreat & by all reports intend keeping them on the go, the Kaiser up to date has admitted a loss of 18 vessels & our officers put it down at nearer 30, no sign of Kitchener yet & I'm afraid hes mifish our chaps seem to be making good for today its reported that they made a sortie in Flanders & raided the German trenches bringing back prisoners. Went for a swim & it was great after being away from it for 5 weeks.

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