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January 27, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 6.30 as usual

Exercising in the morning as usual, I cleaned the old bus & then went for a ride out into the desert with Chas we went for miles flat out & it was great, the sand made not the slightest difference, its just like a huge carpet, we went in all about 8 miles out, lost our way but eventually got back, plugging through the sand was a bit of a "beastly bore" but got through in 5 minutes, after lunch the CO informed me that he met Alec in town yesterday & expected him out today, at 5 pm we received a telegram stating that he would be here at 3 pm, I went up with a horse but he put in no appearance, expect him tomorrow. Lamp work at night.

Bed 9.30

C of Picket again

January 28, 1916 Friday

Revielle as per usual

Stables in bitterly cold fog & was jolly glad when same was over, went for a ride in the morning on the mare which is still very lame, we got leave for this afternoon as today we have to pay our respects to the Omdah, saddled up a horse for Alec, who came by the 3 train, he looks as fit as a fiddle, quite a different man to what I left in Pict, we then set out for the village where we got a real tip top welcome, from all hands had more coffee, tea. cake & fruit he then presented us with the fobs which are OK, after taking his dial again we finally got away, arriving back at 6 pm, Hal & I then went up to the station with Alec, things are [indecipherable] at home & all tiptop, I go to town tomorrow when I shall see him again.

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