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January 11, 1916 Tuesday

The remounts we brought in yesterday behaved very well during the night. At 9.30 the Brigadier inspected the Brigade & saw that everything was OK for the move this week which had been postponed to Friday. I went into the Savoy with a urgent to Gen Faire re remounts but could get no satisfaction, came out in a hurry & went to the review which was nothing like the ones of old. Mick M has got 6 months furlough to Australia & Steel 12 months in the afternoon I rode one of the remounts he gave me a rough passage what with aeroplanes & eagles, it was none to pleasant for either the horse or I. Stiny, Hal & I went down the town after tea called in at the Studio got our photos, had a feed as per usual & a bath which was highly appreciable. The C.O. rode the Doug into town in the afternoon & succeeded in getting our money much to our gratification, Pay in the morning. Bed 10.30

January 12, 1916 Wednesday

74 wks of soldiering

Nothing of much importance through the day the mounted men had a full marching order parade, I went into Cairo early & did my usual round of visits getting back in time for dinner in the afternoon Charlie & I went for a spin out El Marq way we warmed the bikes up on several occasions & they stood up to it good-oh although perhaps a little too much valve rattle, Hal & I went down the street after tea & called in at the Russian studio, collected photos & said goodbye to Roalic who has promised to write he also promised to send ouy photos of he & his friend had another bath & got home about 10 tired and ready for bed. Our horses were realloted today & I now have a big upstanding bay mare 16½ hds high the largest & fastest horse in the troop I've named her Lev in remembrance of its late owner.

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