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31 July, 1916 Monday

Large Air Raid Romani

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Left a 2 this morning & gained bivouac area OK got in touch with enemy 2 mls W of Katia & severe fighting took place for an hour we eventually drove him back to his old original line, not long after we got firmly established at Katia 10 to 11 large explosions were heard in the direction of Romani & later on the news came through that 3 planes dropping in all 32 bombs of a large size had given our camps a rather severe drubbing, our camp came off unscratched although several dropped in it. The Turks after dinner kept very quiet & we fear an outflanking movement for movements have been reported South of Katia let them all come & they will get the warmest reception they ever dreamt of.
Austrians & Germans are there also good oh, we expect to leave early tonight. Capt Chisholm ill.

1 August, 1916

Things quiet today only two visits by Taubes, our artillery played hell with them later in the afternoon one of our monitors shelled Oghratina, Bir-el-Abd most successfully, then later seven of our planes went out & bombed their camps they dropped 72 bombs & completely cut their camps to bits, niggers & Turks were flying in all directions, early this morning one of our planes got into a convoy of camels 200 strong & completely exterminated it. The 2nd Bde also did excellent work for they succeeded at several points in driving the enemy back & securing prisoners, they held them all day. Another letter arrived from Nell, one of the nicest she has sent yet. Two anti aircraft guns of the latest type came to hand today so they wont have it all their own way after this.

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