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March 3, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 6.30

Weather still as hot as ever, finished the flume & yet unfinished it for many alterations are necessary.

The HQs officers look very seedy today for last night they had a banquet in honor of the Brigadier being promoted to Brig-Gen.

Sent in applications for commissions today again & hope for better luck.

Bed at 9.30

Mustard is commissioned to have a go at a suction pump to be made out of kerosene tins, don't know how it will go but we hope for better results than the last.

March 4, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as per usual

Had a trip to Fashn today, nothing much happened & I got home at 8 tonight.

Another armoured train is taken on the strength this makes three. Aeroplanes report that Senussi are still moving South & they again shelled the planes, when the planes come in sight they immediately break up in small bands & disperse.

Our secret service is pretty complete even out here they have men in all parts of the enemy's country there's supposed to be 1500 Senussi marching on Luxor so that probably explains why we are rumored to be moving.

Nell's birthday today (22) & still I'm not in the position to acknowledge same, turned in at 9.30

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