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January 17, 1916 Monday

65 weeks from home.

Revielle at 6.30

After stables the usual fatigues were foregone & heels ropes put down, horses led & exercised, outposts 2 per sq were sent out from all the regiments to keep watch on the surrounding hills, the Arabs are threatening the water supply of Alexandria & tomorrow or the next day 1 squadron from the 1st Regt is to leave & look after that job, the weather has been very cold here since we arrived quite a different Egypt to the one we found this time last year, it has rained nearly everyday, we went over the belt of hills that surround the camp & there the country assumes quite a different aspect for its gravelly without much sand & quite suitable for motor transport, one could drive a motor to anything up to 60 ml per hour with perfect safety. There are rumors of a mail tomorrow, the 55 Div moved camp today to lower down. Bed 10.5 pm

January 18, Tuesday

Revielle at 6.30

Stables as per usual my mare is picking up finely but the ration the Tommies are issuing us with is very mons quois & a general complaint has gone in to the Army Corps & something should come of it. All the horses went out exercising this morning and only two falls eventuated. Another British warship blown up in harbour more of Germanys spy turnouts, CO went out to see if we could get visible communication with the 3rd Regt but found it was impossible on account of the flatness of the country so dispatch riding will have to be resorted to. Camp is assuming quite a businesslike look water supplies & roads are both coming on apace. Mail arrived I got one from Nell & a large parcel from home containing many things of use to us. Lice very bad here, on account of the sand & looks if it is going to be general throughout the camp.

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