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5 June, 1916 Monday

North Sea Engagement

86 wks from home

Revielle as usual with more taubes.

Great news came to hand today concerning a naval engagement in the N sea, the German High Sea fleet came out @ last & one of our battle cruiser sqdns engaged them, both sides suffered severe losses, we losing 3 large cruisers they 3 dreadnoughts & numerous other smaller craft, later unconfirmed news of their fleets being driven on to their mine fields also came through but nothing definate was received, we only hope it is true although it seems too good to be true. Three photos of Nell came to hand & arn't they beauts, although in one she is looking much older but for all that they are exceptionally good. More mail expected tomorrow.

5 June, 1916 Tuesday

North Sea Engagement

Revielle at 5

Heaps of work for us, on account of the stunt all day & also another aeroplane scare this being reported from Ochratina, the same old procedure followed only this time there was quite an orderly atmosphere for men led out with horses, rifle etc. Further reports came through re the naval battle & now its reported that Bill has lost 43 boats, 2 zepps & 1 submarine our fleets got between them & their home ports & successfully drove them to their own mine fields, what oh! what about the offensive now. Mail came in today & I only got 7, one 13 pages from Nell, the dear things are booming at home in the girl quarter & may they hang up so usual routine canteen stores, about mifish. I have got to go to Ismalia for instructions at G.H.Q.

Bed @ 9.30

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