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1 June, 1916 Thursday

Heavily Bombed

Revielle 5 pm

An hostile aeroplane came over at 0600 & bombed us severely, she started off with 2. 100pdrs the first caught the wireless stn & dismantled same, the 2nd dropped a few yds from us & played hell killing 3 men including Lt Ker of Sig Sqd wounding Lt Smith & Braithwaite & also 16 of the 3rd Regt. 25 horses were killed & many wounded, he then started on the little uns & dropped 6 more of em they going all round us, he then volplaned & opened fire with his machine gun & again played hell with men & horses, in the 3rd Regt they got nearly all the casualties. The camp was immediately remodelled, the Regts moving out to different positions, about nine tonight an alarm was sounded & men again stood to horses but it was false.

2 June, 1916 Friday

Reveille at 5

Our new CO hove on the skyline today, he is out of the R.E & is quite a nice bird although rather childish but with education will prove OK. he is no horseman & I took him round all the posts in the afternoon up to Katis Gannet, first where we raised Pt Said at one time yo Helio Stns were calling us & heaps of other work. Three of our planes with 12 bombs each went out at nine & gave the Turkish camps what oh, all returned safely, they have got two battle planes at Kantara mounting 3 guns each & theres rumor of Samson coming out to take charge of them if he does we can look forward to good results from the R.F.C. Rogers came back from Pt Said where he left the boss.

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