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29 July, 1916 Saturday

In touch at Oghratina

Left Romani at 0215 this morning & this time succeeded in finding the bivouac line at last, got our traffic through OK, moved off at 0400 just before hand we caught an officers horse & surmise that its one of the officers on patrol, our men got in touch at Sabithet with the enemy & the ball opened pretty heavy with the advantage on our side, a hostile plane came over & flying towards our lines displayed the ring of the allies but on returning put the crosses up they have been up to this dodge fairly often at 0700 our guns opened up & gave their positions hell we attacked all along the line Jacks with his inf tried to outflank us but no good, our machine guns also did splendid work officer found dead at Hamisah of 6th LH.

30 July, Sunday

We had rather an easy day the 2nd Bde were out & in places got it pretty hot at HO. they have now established a permanent post & now we can expect a few extra brushes with Jacks, the officers patrols last night were chased in & Booth at Hamisah had a narrow squeak, our Brigade was followed in last night & 3rd Regt had a bit of a brush with the enemy we left early but were held up in consequence, Mr Smith again sent away this time with a broken bone in his foot, Maj Tarr paid us a visit today & is still looking as well as ever.

The Leisters R.A. joined us again so now the Brigade is getting its old units together again, we move out at 1 again in the morning expect to have quite a lot of fun.

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