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March 5, 1916 Sunday

Revielle as per usual

Horses exercised this morning then we had the day off, no mail & no pay, so wrote letters in the afternoon.

One of our planes left for Assuit where we are rumored to be going to, the Lovat Scouts have gone also. Armoured cars have been making demonstrations daily & the niggers don't half like it.

Played cards at night then did the next best thing turned in at 10 oclock.

Our arabic is still improving.

March 6, 1916 Monday

72 wks of soldiering

Revielle at 6.30

Cleaned out the old bus & finished the water flume we have been making but owing to the belt continually jamming we had to give it best.

At 5 oclock I got orders to go to Bahrasa, caught the train & left Beni Mazar at 6.30 arrived at Bahrasa at 7.30, had tea in the Officers mess & left at 8 the lamp proved troublesome right from the jump & when crossing a canal it went out & I found myself in a bursein crop got out & made Beni Mazar at 9, got as far as Kilnich when I broke a valve, put up for the night at a merchants place who gave me a splendid feed & I turned in at 1.30 after filling in the night with music.

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