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30 May, 1916 Tuesday

Reveille at 5

Aeroplane reconnaissence of today reports that troops of the enemy are still in their old positions & if anything El-Salmana is strengthened. All ready to move out at a minutes notice tonight.

Left camp at 1000 instead of 0400 tomorrow & first of all got in our wrong position in the column, when they moved off eventually they went in the wrong direction & missed Katia, the trip was an awful one, cold & tiring & I was asleep on several occasions on my horse.

Heard all sorts of rumors of the boys in France but don't attach much importance to them for they are only furphies, Chevaul led us on the march & is just the same as ever.

31 May, 1916 Wednesday

95 wks of soldiering

On the march all night & arrived at Hod-el-debabas at 6.30 tired out, set up sig stns & office right away working with Ogratina the attack was highly successful & the Turks sustained 20 casualties. The New Zealanders stormed the Hob & gave them blazes & putting them to flight at 0900, we had two casualties only. Set out for Romani at 1000 & had a hard time coming home, no water for one thing & then as we had signalling to do we got behind our rear guard & Jacks only had to follow up our troops & he had us but luckily he didn't, gave horse the last of my water out of my water bottle & didn't he enjoy it, what oh! got in at 4 & went to bed at 7.

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