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19 June, 1916 Monday

88 wks from home

Further news of the air raid came to hand yesterday night, they bombed 3 aeroplane hangers, 2 of which had each 3 planes in & 1 had two, they dropped in all 100 bombs of various sizes & made splendid work, we lost one plane, it fell into the sea but later both plane & occupants were rescued by the navy. It is said now that it is impossible for the Taubes to establish a base (aeroplane) within 100 mls of the canal as they lay themselves too open for attack from our people. Left Ismailia for Romani today at 10, & eventually arrived home at 9.30 to find parcels & letters awaiting me. Amar has been relieved & sent back to his unit for inefficiency.

20 June, 1916 Tuesday

Reveille 5

Off out on a large stunt tonight so all preparations were made accordingly, we are off on a 4 days turnout this time in the direction of Bir-el-Geila about 6 miles E of Bir-el-Abd & are to destroy works & compounds of the enemy, we set out at 11.30, the Brigade moving in columns of troops at deploying intervals, for once the troop was early & had a few minutes on their hands the 2nd Regt formed the advance guards & the 3rd the screens whilst the "renowned" 1st were in reserve, probably the little first shall lead us in the attack, let us hope not. Horses are falling off in condition on account of the water.

Laid down till 10.30

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