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17 June, 1916 Saturday

Up at same time as usual.

Nothing much to do today, in the morning only did a little wheatstone in the afternoon, a large sports meeting was held at the Canal Company's grounds & was an entire success although a member of the British W Indies Regt got nearly all the races he was a real beaut & had lovely action although none pushed him, in the evening a concert under the patronage of about 6 generals also took place, this also was fine especially the music, supplied by one of the Infantry bands, the Mysore lancers gave a couple of turns which were very well received considering.

Bed at midnight.

18 June, 1916 Sunday

Spent the day at Achis place & had quite an enjoyable time, only got home rather late.

Russians are still doing exceptionally well & are still advancing & capturing a huge amount of booty. Eleven of our planes went over to El Aish today & bombed the camp when they arrived there one of their planes was just rising & one of ours nose dived to about 200 ft above him, he then let two bombs go & one blew the machine to atoms, he thereupon sailed round the camp at a height of 200 ft bombing the inmates, the while, the other machines had also been giving likewise attention & soon the camp was afire in many places. Bed at 11.30

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