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10 May, 1916 Wednesday

Landed Anzac 1915

92 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual

Twelve months today since we landed in Gallipoli, & hope it wont be long before we go into action again, at 2.30 today we were sneaking round Shrapnel gully like rabbits, carrying panniers. Horses went out as usual to the palms & men played quoits. The advance guard of the Dorset yeomantry put in their appearance, the shelters are to be gone on with straight away & our old camp site has been condemned. Work has been very heavy we cleared 100 outgoing messages during the day & piles of DRLS stuff coming & going all ways.

Played cricket after tea & wrote letters & met the train at 10.30 after that turned in at well nigh eleven.

Mail arrived but nothing for me.

11 May, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

News came through that the first detachment of the relieving force would be in tomorrow, they are of the Dorset yeomanry who got cut up last Xmas day at Mersa Matruh.

Gen Cox expected back any day now his offsider arrived this morning, there was nothing wrong with him only tiredness. The 3rd Regt start & move out tomorrow, Combes left today, the Bde is to concentrate at Kantara & later join up with the Divn, we are travelling light & as yet our destination is unknown. No word of Downing lately he has died a natural death the same applies to Latham Jack has run amok this last few days & the boys have kurned him down.

Bed 11.35

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