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22 May, 1916 Monday

84 wks of soldiering.

Revielle at 5

Promoted to Sergt today & have effected a few changes in the troop – the aeroplanes reported this morning as follows at Bir Mayar 2 machines each dropped 4 bombs on camps of 5 to 600 men & new trenches seen – machines were fired on with a gun M.6s & rifles – 30-40 shelters at Bir-Geisa & at 5.7 miles SE of Salana. Each machine dropped 3 bombs at Salamana (wells & 2 parties each 20 to 30 mtd men) Bayud no trace of camp many tracks 1 man & 3 pack camels going S. above reported by planes out at 4.30. Reconnaisence very difficult owing to wind, Bir Mosaifig & Bir-el-Geisa many tracks but no men Bir-el-Aed many tracks to well indicating that there are large numbers of men between Mosaifig & Aed, otherwise all clear above by plane 1750. Nothing unusual yet no troops moving, 3 trucks of timber arrive. Bed 11.30

23 May, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 5

Paid today & sent down for supplies.

Aeroplane over at 0400 going east reports :-

Bir Salmana 100-130 men
Bir-Mazar 400-500 men & 4 mountain g.
Bir-Gamdil 30-40 men
Bir-Moseifig clear, Bir-Bayud clear, Bir-Dageiba clear, our own troops advanced to Hod-el-Gedaida without opposition. Aeroplane at 0500 reported that at Bir-Salamna 100-150 men were hidden in scrub E. of wells, main body of our troops at Hod-el-Cediada without opposition, a message was dropped informing them that machine was going to search Bayud AAA Bayud found clear except for 2 arabs, many old tracks going S. Katia occupied by our troops, enemy hides in holes in sand covered with brushwood which makes observation very difficult from the air. Rode down to the canal at tea time & bought stores, lamp Parade & Bed 10.30.

Current Status: