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18 April, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

My old horse is feeling no ill-effects from her gallop & if anything did her good, news came to hand that we could get rid of 42 horses today to the second Regt so all the morning was put in picking them out & sorting the harness to go with them, my old Lem has to go worse luck & many of the other old horses.

Our brigade took over from the Tommies today & now our general commands the whole of the district & consequently moved up into the building occupied by the HQ's previously.

Tommy motor cyclist reported for acting the nanny up the town last night & Capt Weir was accordingly sent down to interview us but no such luck for him.

Day has been again very windy & dusty & plenty of heat. Bed at 9.10.

19 April, 1916 Wednesday

89 wks of soldiering

Hopped out at the same old time.

Everything seems changed re the looks of our horses lines, my old chap was on picket last night & came home with out the saddle & bridle.

Gen Cox today visited the village over the other side of the Nile & was received en-fete by the Omdah.

Everything is going satisfactorily with regards to our concert & match & an enjoyable day should be spent by all. Answer came through to our wire saying that if vacancies exist in Regts for Signal officers, to appoint Hal & I, the CO informs us that we stand a very good chance & I hope we do, for this life is getting awfully monotonous; Weather again very hot, sultry & dusty.

Mail expected tomorrow. Bed 9.10 pm

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