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March 19, 1916 Sunday

Up at 4.30 this morning & by 5 had the horse lines completed, everything in camp was straightened up in readiness for when the boys arrive. I went out at lunch time to meet them & bring in the head lines. Met them about 5 to 6 miles out camped in a donga, my horse looked well, set off home with the rope on my knees & secured to the carrier at the back, everything went well while I was on the machine but had the misfortune in one place to get a spill & then I'm hanged if I could get up the rope holding my legs securely down, so there I had to stop until native assistance hove in sight. The boys arrived at 5.30 tired out – all turned in early.

March 20, 1916 Monday

74 wks from home

All hands had an easy day today, horses were groomed & then men fixed up their tents.

Our gift stuff has arrived & now there's tucker to burn what with Xmas billys – all sorts of tinned stuff we are at present having a feast, with the two cases every man gets a decent share. Money available at last although no much here at present to purchase. Our communications are just being fixed up so possibly within the next few days the motors may get a bit of running about. Mel's maggie has at last blown out & we wired today for a new one so hope this will end the trouble. No sign of the telegram relating to the C.O.'s promotion.

Bed at 9.30

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