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15 July, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual

Same old routine, our lines again increased by four, viz anti-aircraft, R.F.C & ordance (& lines to the artillery). Mustard & I have got our leave at last & are off in the morning.

Planes been rather busy of late & they report that the Hod's are being gradually manned either by Turks or Arabs who proberbly have come down for the date season.

British are still pushing on in France & doing well although the weather is against heavy operations for rains& have made many of the roads impassable .

Faroe sent away today with an impassable throat or sceptic & is now under observation for diphtheria.

Wrote letters & got all my letters up to nick at last.

16 July, 1916 Sunday

Up at 5

Set sail for Pt Said at 0530 & caught the train OK arriving at Kantara about 0700 where we had to wait until 1130 before we got a return. Got into Pt Said at 1 & first of all looked for sleeping quarters & were fixed up at Hotel de-la-poste where we started off with an excellent feed then went for a stroll, the city is very clean & very modern although the Italians are in the majority as usual, music is to be heard at every resturant. We spent nearly all our time in eating houses & [indecipherable] cafes, after tea hired a garry & went to the seashore where hundreds were bathing, drove all round & finished up with two melons for supper, retired full & tired.

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