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March 7, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 6.30 as usual for me

Spent a decent night at Natsi & up at 6 had breakfast then went & got my machine & set her going, everything went well for the 20 miles this side of Samalut then I broke my control & had to scratch home on full air where I arrived a 8.30, messed about all day & cleaned my machine.

Two aeroplanes left us today one while making a trial flight came a cropper she made a nose dive & lobbed heavily.

Wrote a few letters then went to bed tired out.

March 8, 1916 Wednesday

82 wks of soldiering

Revielle as usual

Got orders to accompany a motor ambulance to Egbit Sisloun, where we had to get the body of the man that was drowned, calling first at the Miniah Hospital for the coffin, left at 9.30 & had an uneventful trip to Etsa where we turned off as the railway road was closed had to make our tracks 3 times, we got there at 12 & then had to box the body, he was a frightful size & weight & was very decomposed, got him on OK & left at 1.30 for home, got there at 3.30 & glad to get rid of the burden. He is to get a military funeral at 4 today.

Bed at 9.10

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