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8 August, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 6 this morning.

Went out in search of wire this morning in the direction of Hod-el-Enna & got more than we could reel up, any amount of loot but couldn't carry it so will go over when next stunt is over got back to find only half an hour to saddle up & get out in which I managed to do the 2nd Brigade accompanied us & presented a grand sight both Hal & I are mentioned in dispatches so now perhaps we have made good. The NZ's entered Oghratina this morning & now the Turks are in force at the Abd they received 1700 reinforcements yesterday & its rumored that two divisions have come down from El Arish perhaps but I don't think so.

Attack on Bir-el-Abid

9 August, 1916 Wednesday

104 wks of soldiering

We marched all night & at dawn found ourselves N.E. of Bir-el-Abd & at 6.30 the attack was launched we had the hottest corner again & they pitched shell after shell into us & all high explosive, horses suffered pretty badly Pard whilst on an observation post with me, was hit in the foot the Turks retired from the Abd in hundreds, as soon as one artillery opened & I saw one large convoy cut to pieces, we commenced to withdraw at the usual time & they launched a counter on the left & didn't we get it hot with shell fire but only two of our boys were hit, casualties on the whole were very light we arrived at Khuta OK & Oghratina two hours later just about done. Two horses missing also.

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