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March 31, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 5.15

Pard gave us all his adventures of the trip to Cairo & varied they were to the C.O. had as usual many narrow squeaks but came through unscathed. Went out as usual to the grove at lunch time & whilst there we had a dust up with the niggers some of the boys were on their way for a swim & a nigger gave a little back slack & of course stopped one, another "Snowflake" came up behind our chaps with a waddy & quilted Dobby, this was the signal for a general hoe in & didn't we give them beans, they soon cried off, the Omdar did his nut & shot half a doz of them in the boob & sacked a couple of his gaffas.

Nothing happened on the way home went for a ride at sundown, wrote letters & went to bed at 9.

April 1, 1916 Saturday

Hopped out at usual time.

Had a revolver practice on a large scale out at the grove today as a demonstration for the niggers, some fine shooting was done & the nigs were quite alarmed & thought possibly that we would fire on them.

On the way home we gave many a nig a nasty turn & not a few "nasty" words were [indecipherable] to us.

Bobby left today & Hal has got his job so things will be OK from this on, don't know when our new bloke comes along. Teddy sent in a complaint as to how he has been treated but I don't think he has much chance for he is rather late in the day, nevertheless I wish him luck for he has shown a dirty point.

Wrote letters. Bed 10.

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