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February 28, 1916 Monday

71 wks from home

Revielle at 6.30

Had a trip to Hassan Pasha & Samalut this morning, the bike is still going beautifully although I can't get time to give it a complete overhaul. Mels machine is anything but good, the maggy is up the pole, the armature is brushing on the fields & is consequently mis-firing, we pulled it all to pieces but could not rectify same, no tools, his clutch is also gone the buffers are worn down flush & will have to be replaced.

Our instructor turned up in time & we are getting along fine, went to bed at 10.30 tired & hot as weather is again hot.

February 29, 1916 Tuesday

Leap year day

Revielle as per usual

My horse is looking splendid again & is in fine fettle, spent a very quiet day, nothing doing at all the aeroplane that went up this morning was shelled & came under heavy machine gun fire from the Bediouns, he in return gave them a few eggs which they don't seem to appreciate.

At 9.30 got warned to report at HQ with machine for dispatches to Naylet-el-abet, left at 10, got there at 11.10 after a rough [indecipherable] & to make matters worse my lamp wouldn't burn, left again at 11.30 & got home 50 minutes later, saw two foxes & hundreds of rats.

Turned in at 12.45

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