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8 May, 1916 Monday

82 wks from home

Reveille as usual

Things exceptionally quiet today, pulled the old scrap down & gave her a thorough clean out & found her OK inside, she is standing up to the work splendidly.

Mail is expected in a day or two & will come in jolly handy as news is very scarce.

Played cricket in the evening & then chess met train at 10.30 & turned in at 11.30 tired out.

9 May, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

Nothing doing what-so-ever, horses & men went out as usual to the palms, tents have changed hands & we are now issued with a marquee. Mail from home last night & the news of Frank Carter's death is confirmed, pretty bad luck for them & it will go pretty hard with them in future to make both ends meet.

Went down the line a few miles in the direction of Girga to report on the condition of roads, telegraph lines etc, tyres & tubes are giving heaps of trouble lately as the rubber is all mifish on account of the heat.

Played more cricket & chess & turned in at 10.30.

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