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13 July, 1916 Thursday


The troops moved out at dawn & first of all started on Mehagnia thence to Khaiba where a nigger or two was struck but one got away, we then went straight on & finally reached Debabis traces of the enemy were found but only in small numbers & in many of the Hods they were only down to prune the dates for the next season. The troops burnt all the compounds & raked in any niggers but they can beat our fellows hollow the horses can't get a wriggle on, several of the officers of the 2nd got plenty of curios, one a beautiful inlaid pistol of ivory & silver, one which had been used 100 years ago & the flint was still in great order we assembled at Oghratina & withdrew at dusk, leaving for camp shortly afterwards.

14 July, 1916 Friday

Had a holiday today, nothing much doing, put in for our leave & should get it tomorrow.

Work pretty brisk during the day in the office & more lines are proposed for tomorrow as if we havn't got enough to do now.

McCoil has transferred his HQ from Hill 40 to here permanently now so should prove troublesome at times although he's perfectly harmless. Braithwaite & Co are also up.

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