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24 April, 1916 Monday

80 wks from home

Revielle at 5.15

Had miles of running about to do today fixing up for the concert tomorrow I have managed to scrape together 22 items the Gen has consented to preside & Capt Chisholm is to be his off-sider the Mikadar of Sohag & his escort have also consented to be present, the proprietor of the gardens has got enough food for an regt & seating accomdation for 600 men, I shall be satisfied if half of the seats are full, fixed up the wicket & marked the boundary & had it watered.

The case against Lt Potts is to be gone on with straight away & the business of collecting evidence is proceeding steadly, he stands a fair chance of falling in properly.

Played cards & chess all night & slipped down the town for supper & then turned in at 10.15. Tired out.

25 April, 1916 Tuesday


Reveille same old time

I spent the morning making final arrangements for this afternoon & tonight, after lunch got the wicket ready & played commenced at 1.30 pm. I was elected Capt & lost the toss so they went in to bat they made 114 Cambell out of that got 57, Hal Bowled well, the heat was very oppressive we went in & went down like fun for a start, I got 17 before being cleaned bowled we made altogether 63 so never had a look in, after the match went & had a shower & had tea then off down to the gardens & found there an awful crowd of fellows present got things going straight away & everything went off splendid, the programme turned out first class, I had to get up & thank the Gen for his presence & made a bit of a speech which passed off OK no comments. Got home at 10.30 satisfied with the way things went & turned in.

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