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25 June, 1916 Sunday

Had a very quiet day today, got orders to shift up on top of the hill tomorrow doctored up our dopey horses, some are very bad, puffed legs & sore backs being the worst, 3 were sent over to the Vets.

The Tommys are confining us in like ostridges & the Brig is throwing hand springs for they havn't left a space for us to go through & number of cases have already been reported where our horses have come in contact with their works.

Wrote letters & havn't had one from home for weeks, they say they have gone on to France. Bed 8.30

26 June, 1916 Monday

89 wks from home

Things very quiet & today we start to move to our new locality Jack B put me on to a likely appointment in the Sig Squadron. The Telephone lines were duplicated the first of all & then the Signal Office was transferred to the new position on the hill. Mr Smith expected back any day now. A Fritz over our way this morning on reconnaissance for he flew over nearly the whole line as usual our crowd was hours late in getting out. The Russians are reported to be going ahead like smoke & evidently are meeting with the same successes that were credited to them earlier in the week. Lloyd George appointed Minister for War Mr Chamberlain in Lloyd Georges place. Got the office fairly straight by night & turned in early.

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