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20 May, 1916 Saturday

Reveille as usual

Aeroplane reports that Turks are in force in several places along our front & prisoners are coming in every day, along with their families, the place was fired on with field gun, m gun & rifle fire but came out OK.

3 Steamers went through the canal today, one large, the railway is being pushed still further out every day.

Chas got his promotion today & is now down at the Sq H Qrs as, wireless officer, old Meredith is fighting ours & is likely to prove troublesome especially with regard to his own Regt who he wants as Sig Officer is Nelson, anyhow we hope for the best. Mail came to hand today one from Nell & another from Mother, Nell seems to be having a good time too good in fact.

Shelters arrive for here possibly for the Bde coming in, certainly not for us.

Bed at 11.30

21 May, 1916 Sunday

Reveille as usual.

Aeroplane reports this morning that Guefai & Mageibra all clear & a few shelters 2 miles SE of Bir-Bayud, no men seen at Salamana nor at Bir-Ayr. Shelters at Katia destroyed.

Tracks seen at Bir-El-Jefair also at Bir-El-Mageiba at Bayud ¾ miles away post of 60-100 arabs & 10 men in Khaki, machine came down line & opened fire with her machine gun & inflicted casualties on the enemy. Bombs dropped 100-150 men at Salmana & machine was fired on by the Turks.

Went for a ride out to the end of the road today & saw some of the positions of our troops we are out 30 miles with the main body & our outposts go out still further as far as Katia.

Downing came in today but I didn't see him as he was off again at night, he is on a cable section & doing well. More prisoners came in today. Bed at 10.30.

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