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24 May, 1916 Wednesday

94 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual

Signal Stns were out all the morning & good work was effected, went out for a ride in the afternoon & later on went down to the Sig Sqd.

Reports are just as usual our troops met with every success on the last stunt although on one occasion when three sqds were deploying one mistook the direction & in so doing allowed a patrol of the enemy to slip away, one only being captured, he being mounted on a slow camel.

More facts have come to hand concerning the doings of the yeomantry officers who were out at Duidae & when surprised by the Turks surrendered without a fight well nigh on two sqds were cut up the 5th went out & got em out of a scrape.

Lamp practice at night with Pards new pattent lamp which was real OK.

Bed at 10.35

25 May, 1916 Thursday

"Wireless" men left here for Divn Sig Squadron 1830. R.F.C.evening flight reports :-

Bir-el-Mazar about 200-300 men judging by tentage, Bir-el-Morefig clear. Hod-el-Salmana 50-100 men. Tracks from Hod-el-Salmana. One mile East of Bir-el-abd small post of 10-20 men.

3rd Regt left here for Romani today at 0200. Harold met with a poor reception at Divn & so did the boys we got rid of Opie & Co at last & they didn't like it at all, sent pack horse down for stores to Kantara & they brought about £10 worth of stuff & all was OK for a few hours, more any day now probably day after tomorrow, mail arrived today but only one from home for me. No luck from T11 yet.

Bed at 11.30 as usual.

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