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28 May, 1916 Sunday

Reveille as usual

Had an exceptionally heavy night last night & only had one operator to get over the work we handled over 300 mss in the first 12 hours.

A detachment of the Squadron came in during the afternoon including all the outcasts of the troop they are here for the stunt that is coming off tomorrow night & at the same time are installing a Divn Signal Office so will relieve us of a lot of traffic.

Out of touch with the outposts at 1700 & was out till after 10 climbing round hills gullys cliffs etc & at times out in front of the cossac posts. DRs doing trips up to 7 miles & taking 5 hours to do it & in heavy sand, the New Zealanders are doing it day about with us.

Bed midnight.

29 May, 1916 Monday

85 Wks from home

Reveille at 5

Heaps of work today in preparation for tomorrow when great things are expected, we got all equipment together & in good order. The aeroplanes reports were favorable for no activity of unusual occurrence was noticed amongst his troops.
Mail is expected although I don't suppose anything will come to light for me.

Downing is treating me like a trump, he has given me an officers saddle (having no further use for it) & in many other ways he is extending the glad hand. Hal & his section have got the Sig office fixed up & now our traffic should be much lighter, we did 323 today which is a record for any Signal Troop & compliments are flying galore.

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