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February 18, 1916 Friday

42 mls

Stables as usual

Slept in this morning then after break tuned & overhauled my machine. In the afternoon I went out to Naglet-el-abid, the 2nd Regts HQs met our fellows then returned home. The planes have been up several times today & state that the enemy are 50 miles closer today than they were yesterday & was evidently making for Bahnasa, one of our patrols came in touch of a 6 man pat of theres, & a camal detachment was sent out to reconnaitre but no report has come to hand. Went up town tonight & enjoyed our stroll, found an up to date Drapers there in the heart of all the native mud huts.

Got home at 9.40 & after supper turned in.

February 19, 1916 Saturday

Stables as usual

The weather is still as good as ever.- I had another trip to Bahnasa, I rode down & took my time, nothing much happened on the way down & I got there just in time for lunch set out again at 2.30 everything went well until I was through Beni Mazar up at the Ktoul where after passing 4 buffalo one chased me & I was in heavy sand at the time, I couldn't get up enough speed to get away so I stopped & drew my gun & as he charged I fired, the brute fell like a log, after that everything went well, called in at Samalut & got home at 6 ready for tea, went up the street at night then turned in at 10.30

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