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4 May, 1916 Thursday

Left for Anzac 1915

Revielle as usual.

Twelve months today since we left for Anzac & quite a number of changes have taken place since then.

Final preparations have taken place with the horses for Saturday & ours should run well although a trifle short in work, late this afternoon I was sent out across the Nile passed Achmin on to the hills to find road & ascertain if the mount is climbable, for we intend to try & pick up Assiut in the morning by Helio the road was frightful & I had 1 blow out, the natives are very poor & the niggers are well nigh naked, got back at 7 to find no tea so had to go up town & get it. One of the AASc sergeants was sentenced to 6 months & reduced to the rank by Tommy officers today at Assiut.

Turned in at 9.30.

5 May, 1916 Friday

Up at 5 this morning.

Set out early this morning in company with Jack Wills & had a fairly good trip out amusing at times, especially when I interfered with a niggers balance who was perched on two bags of grain on a small donkeys back, we got there at 7 & started to climb, it took us just on three quarters of an hour to get to the top, saw a beaut fox half way up but he was out of range, as soon as we got there we knew we had no chance as the mists were far to heavy but we saw them twice only faintly, got into communication with camp easy enough & they gave us C I so we promptly came down, called in at Omdah's house for coffee & got back at 11 pm , had a sleep then played cricket till tea.

No mail yet

Bed 10.

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