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17 July, 1916 Monday

Pt Said

92 wks home

Slept in till all hours

Had breakfast at nine consisting of two omelettes, ham, grilled chops, etc, then went for a stroll down the street to collect goods. Spent the day hanging about eating, eating, had a good dinner & spent the afternoon in the lounge. At four oclock had tea & then made off for the tram which we caught OK at 6.30 arriving about 7 at Kantara, had a lovely swim in the canal for about an hour then retraced our steps to the R.T.O's [Railway Transport Officer] office where we put in the night sleeping on its hard sandy floors, a bitter contrast to the sleeping apartments of only last night.

18 July, 1916 Tuesday

Up at 4 oclock this morning.

Caught the train OK from Kantara & arrived back in time for stables the Stunt was postponed so now we have to do our bit as usual. Aerial reconnaissance reports a few more shelters at different places.

Hostile planes are coming over regular now & today our plane engaged him & drove him over the anti-aircraft guns who peppered him with shrapnel & finally he disappeared in the clouds.

A few more troops arrived today.

Current Status: