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6 April, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

The horses & men went out to the palms as usual & Stinny & Norm of course stayed in on account of the C.M. at nine they had to go down & indentify him which they had no trouble in doing, proceedings then went ahead apace it took 9 pages to hold Charlies evidence & questions while Norm gave a couple, everything seemed to be going in favor of them, if the luck holds he will get a couple on months.

Went out as usual to the Palms where Pard was doctoring up a kiddy of 7 years of age who had dry excema, a frightful sight, every inch of his body is covered in it & if something isn't done he will die with it.

Got home after giving a bint a bit of a knock with the handle bars.

Played cards & turned in at 9.10

7 April, 1916 Friday

Revielle as per usual

Our new C.O. put in an appearance last night & he is the late motor eye cap of the 2nd Sig Tp & is a good chap, the boss took him over & introduced him to H Q's & Cox of course went for the boss, he even said that he was of two minds whether he would cancel Stinny's & Norm's recommendations for com's & he said that in his opinion they started the brawl, he told Teddy in front of 4 officers that his command was the most undisciplined riotous crowd that has left Australia & also that there was no need for him to wait any longer now Mr Smith is here so Teddy is off on Monday.

Horses & men as usual went out to the palm grove. The weather is still frightfully hot, it registering 120° to 131° daily.

Mel Opie & Chas Cox off duty Mel had a horse roll on him & Cox has bad feet. Jack Wills taken on temporally.

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