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2 May, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 5

Up early to catch the train for Assiut I got there but the C O missed it so I went down to the trials at the aerodrome when the troopers race came on great was my surprise to find old Lem heading them home, she ran beautifully & is in splendid form & should take some beating. We caught the twelve train & went straight on to Deirut & fixed up L.C' there then came back to Manfalut, also fixed up L-'s then caught train for Assiut arriving there at 6, the C O fixed up quarters while I went down to Mr Parlotti & arranged to call at 8.30, arrived OK & spent a most enjoyable evening Josie was in a fine mood left about 10.30 & went to the hotel, had supper & turned in at 11 oclock after a good day.

3 May, 1916 Wednesday

91 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual

Nothing to report today, horses & men went out to the palms as usual, the lines are still giving trouble both at Rara & Assiut, too much power is evidently the trouble, the floods started today & the river has risen already & is a dirty muddy color.

No mail yet & no sign of it either. Our two entries were fixed up alright, their excuse was they didn't think we had anything good enough to put in so we hope our boss beats the favorite & our other horses run well. Two bands are to be attendance & a grand stand is to be erected so things ought to be fairly comfortable.

Went for a stroll & turned in at 11 oclock having the late run to do.

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