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January 15, 1916 Saturday

Left Barrage – Arrived Whardan

Revielle at 6.30

Saddled up at 8.30 & moved out at nine crossed the other two huge bridges which form the Barrage & on either hand the most beautiful gardens beset us they are now appearing in all their glory & nothing at home can compare with the foliage even the gum trees look splendid, when we crossed the Nile, we went through a rather large village & the nigs didn't seem to well disposed towards us, we followed the canal for miles until the railway run across it, on the other side was the desert, not like the desert at Heliopolis but sandy floury substance which will carry nothing in the transport line bad enough for horseman, we finally got to this hole at 4.10, its called Whardan, & is some 40 miles from Cairo, turned in at 9.30.

January 16, 1916 Sunday

Revielle 6.30

We rose to find the most dreary place confronting us that ever it has been our lot to be in, sand on every hand, at present the 53 division is here, & we are to be attached to them for the present the 3rd Regt is 70 miles out on outpost work & is to be relieved by the other regts in turn, another div is due to arrive any day so we ought to form some camp, this morning we erected tents, put horse & heel lines & generally fitted up the camp we are going to make ourselves comfy this time as we expect to be here for a considerable time, we paid a visit to the canteen after tea but nothing of any use is to be had, wrote letters to Nell Mother & Ern, my horse is stiff after his two day jaunt & has a slight sore at the rear of his jaw but nothing to speak of

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