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January 5, 1916 Wednesday

73 weeks of soldiering.

Revielle at 6.30

Trimmed the scraps up for the C.O. & I are going for a trip into town this morning left at nine & visited many places from Karr-el-nil to the Base hunting up stores & equipment, met Perce Clark, Vern Robley, Cashy all of whom are looking well, went down to Morings & had a yarn to Frank over to Goodridges & ordered our overalls got back home at 11.30 had lunch then I had to go in again, first to Steins where I met old friends, Eveliah Gardens where I fed, then ran out into the wheat country for a ride the machines are still purring lovely & seem to be fairly fast although too young yet to wind up, Went down the street after tea with Joc & didnt we have some joy, what with ragtime on other people's pianos & dodging picquets we spent a lively night.

January 6, 1916 Thursday

Revielle same time as usual.

Stables then break – after that training for the men I meanwhile having one of my trips into the city, came out in time to go for a ride with the new lads everything went well until we got out of a walk when the horses did what they liked, had lunch then went for another tried to find Irving Turnbull but failed for he is now down the line. The flying people have been treating us to all sorts of exhibitions on the [indecipherable] some are real beauts but you can pick out the learners for the machine is not near as steady one flew over a regt that was on parade & succeeded in emptying a few saddles. Rumors are afloat today to the effect that Helles is to be evacuated tomorrow don't know how true it is. Mail is also expected in the morning so tomorrow might be one out of the box.

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