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February 6, 1916 Sunday

Revielle as per usual

Stables finished we gave our horses an extra groom for today we visit the Omdah & avail ourselves of his kind offer to lunch with him, we left early & eventually got there at 11.45 he had a nephew there who spoke English well, first of all we had tea & coffee, then washed our hands & then squatted down for dinner, first of all salad, Egyptian bread, Turkey Soup (Olire) Macaroni, was the first coarse then poultry, stewed meats in oils, vegetables & salads ditto, blanc mange followed, then stewed plum & peanuts in oils, again, then wound up with fruits & cake, everything was in true Egyptian style & was highly enjoyable. After dinner we strolled round the estate & visited the school where the kids received us very well one gave a speech.

February 7, 1916 Monday

68 wks from home

Revielle as usual

on how they accept our views on governorship we then visited the engineers home Basiony Saad where more coffee & tea was accepted then we strolled back to the Bey s home where after we saddled up we set out for home arriving there at 5.20, today has been as quiet as ever only exercising & signalling Chas went down to Theira on his scrap. It's the first time a motor has made an appearance down there & the consternation caused was tremendous, he got back just after lunch after having a good ride, my horse is getting along OK again now thanks to my massaging, I fixed my scrap up for tomorrow we ride into Cairo if we have any luck, so I turned in early.

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