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10 April, 1916 Monday

78 wks from home

Hopped out at usual time.

Nothing to do at all only messed round to fill in time & at lunch time went out for the usual ride to the Palms.

More "willys" visit us today & 5 were to be seen in the air at once & as usual heaps of wind & dust accompany them, the niggers don't seem to mind how many there are.

Burrell rang up against a nigger last night & got two lovely black eyes, he was after a writing pad but finding none at this particular place he walked off when the nig called him back & quilted him one each in either eye, Frank then pitched into him & gave him a few beauts, the nig [indecipherable] off for his life, [indecipherable] then gave him in charge for assault.

Played cards & turned in early. 10 pm.

11 April, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

Burrell's eyes look lovely & at lunch time the nigger came down to be examined by Col Dixon, & he got well-nigh killed by our chaps. I ran over him with the bike for one & now I don't think he will trouble us too much although we expect to give him a rough house, he's by no means unmarked either.

Chas Cox again off duty for bad feet & it looks as if they are going to take some curing. Opie too is still suffering from the effects of his fall off Kute so Wills & Watkins have been told off to take their places temporally.

Pulled my old bus down again, she was in splendid condition inside despite a little carbon, the niggers amused themselves pulling the pump handle up once or twice.

Mail in a few days. Bed 9.10.

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