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February 20, 1916 Sunday

Hopped out at 6

Caught cold during the night & now am suffering for it, nothing doing today at all, only church.

Wrote letters home then went for a stroll down the Nile with the boys & there watched them ploughing by means of a 4 furrow disc which is pulled backwards & forwards between these two traction engines, they are about 120 yards apart & the plough is on an endless rope, the engines move up the paddock as the work goes on.

The planes reported that the enemy was again stationary & that we could have a little rest waiting for them, they also had a very successful mornings bombing at one place they blew half the camp to bits.

Had supper then went to bed at nine.

February 21, 1916 Monday

70 wks from home

Reveille at 6.30

Had a trip out to Hassan Pasha today, then on to Shusha, not bad going but bumpy the 2nd Regt have details at these places where they are doing patrol work.

Nothing has been reported for days so possibly we will get a move before long.

The aeroplanes have been very busy this last few days both in scouting & flying, one came down heavily the other day & damaged slightly his under carriage but nothing to speak of.

No mail & no pay they go well together but trying at times but hold out hopes for [indecipherable] in a few days time.

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