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March 25, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual

Horses went out again but didn't leave to come home until late at night so as to dodge the heat of the day. I had another ride out & paid a visit to the Nile, there it is very wide & when I was there several felucca's came down under full sail & looked real well the niggers are not too friendly in these parts for you often get a shower of anything they have to give away, Saw the natives treating the palms, they are divided into two sexes, male from female & the flower of the male is treated with some substance & then placed in the flower of the female & this is why our palms at home never bear fruit.

Bed at 10.20

March 26, 1916 Sunday

Hopped out at 5.15

Tied up & groomed & then led off to water, had breakfast then after cleaning camp the men had the day to themselves.

Pard & the C.O. are leaving by the express tonight for Cairo, where they intend to stay several days, the Sig Squadron is the attraction or rather the unravelling of same but I don't give him a chance.

The Secret service reports that everything is clear for 200 miles so I can't see any fun here, a squadron flew out to & over the Sennussi camp at Sodum where they heavily bombed it causing intense panic amongst the enemy.

Wrote letters home & Neil, Hal & Chas went on leave & Norm & I went for a ride after tea on the bikes leaving them at the station for they are going with the boys.

Turned in at 10.10

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