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15 June, 1916 Thursday

Same old routine

East times on the Signal office. Russians are capturing more prisoners daily & still advancing in leaps & bounds & are now threatening Czernovitch which should fall within the next 24 hours.

Hostile aircraft reported again from Romani flying E & two of our planes were up & away in no time but as per usual were late & only got there to hear about his exploits, he opened fire on the camp with machine gun fire but go no one although it wasn't for the want of trying. The fifth divn moved out today for France & now there is only a few details left here & a hospital or two, plenty of Tommies as usual & they're quite as useless as ever. Bed 9.30 after a swim.

16 June, 1916 Friday

Reveille at 6.30

Signal office very busy today & I got news of Alec, he landed in Bombay a few days ago & is to remain there for an indefinate period, I hope to get a position out of him before long.

Plenty of shipping along the canal, both troopers & mail boats, the Monitor also got a wriggle on & went up Suez way. Russians are reported to have captured that Czernovitch with heaps of material & prisoners, the boys have been in it in France & did well in a raiding party capturing prisoners, the Canadians worked along with them & did equally as well, the boys are on another stunt this week, a two day one out Bal-el-Abd way as a raiding party to clear out existing camps.

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