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May 6, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual.

Today is the day of the sports given by the Miedian & although it was nice & cool it was marred by the dust which blew down the course continually, they started off with horse dancing by the omdahs & the nags were splendid next came the 150 yds foot race we had four lads in for it & got 1st 2nd 3rd & 4th, the troopers 6 furlong flutter was next & it proved an great race we again had 4 representatives & got 1st with a chestnut from 2nd Regt, 2nd with a HQ's horse, 3rd with old Lempriere & 4th with Bill Mustard. Tent pegging followed & gippo trapper got first, us second with Sgt Earle, they had a camel race after that & although interesting was rather dangerous to the onlookers for the animals were not at all particular where they ran, had a bath after the sports & later went for a stroll up town.


7 May, 1916 Sunday

Reveille at 5 as usual

Had a quiet day after yesterday I wrote letters this morning to fill in time Capt Chisholm has not got over his defeat yet & is not likely to either for the boys are not going to let him forget. Strolled down the boulevarde after tea & discussed future plans for home & the cattle question had pride of place & is likely to have a long run too. Received parcel from Dunck containing writing pads & envelopes galore, 3 pads, 2 handkerchiefs & a pair of socks, one of the best parcels I've received for some time. Gen Cox was sent to No 3 General Hospital today ill he has been off color for some days now & is recommended for a holiday; the old horse is looking none the worse for her run yesterday & I hope to get her back again shortly. The Telegraph line has been giving trouble again today.

Turned in at 10.30

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